Creativity Waves

I’ve been writing lyrics, slapping bass, baking, sketching animals for patterns and of course crocheting.  Creativity waves I call it 🙂  The trick is to know when to ride it!  Hubby wanted some fingerless gloves he could wear while working at his desk.  Since I failed miserably in knitting his scarf I was determined to make him some gloves.  I wanted something simple so I browsed ravelry and came across Seamless fingerless gloves As I am a slow crafter it took me 3 afternoons to whip these up, but they could easily be done in one afternoon. Gloves are nice and snug and husband is happy 🙂

Since that was such a success I decided to sketch up a draft of a design i’m wanting to create, looked on-line for the yarn i wanted, after hours of browsing I couldn’t find what I needed, lo and behold its at my local wool store for a super cheap price so I bought four balls of the yummy cotton goodness. So whilst i’m sitting here letting the pink dye attack my hair, I am visualising ways to create my current project. Here’s a hint it involves an animal and embroidery.

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