Went to Winter Magic up in Katoomba with hubby today. I was slightly dissapointed, there was only a very small percentage of people in fancy dress :/ and few stalls missing, double :/. The reason we went was because hubby has never experienced this sort of thing here in Oz and I thought it would be interesting to at least go and have a walk around and experience Katoomba and its magic, which I felt was lacking.

Onto better topics! I did see some lovely crocheted blankets for sale and that made me want to start and actually finish a blanket just for me! I’ve only ever crafted two blankets and they were both given away to family. I don’t have the time and patience to make one (or the money!), maybe one day.

Wrote two different sets of lyrics this morning, so I’m trying to figure out the process of adding harmony to the words using my bass. This is a completly new and fascinating experiance as I never had the confidence as a teenager to write songs. I definately had pages and pages of teenage angst filled lyrics 😉 ahhhh adolescense, how angry you can be. I’m using simple harmony and repitition which is fine, sometimes I think its better to start off small add to the mixture. I want some spice in the songs, some punch, so I can listen and go ‘yeah! I wrote that’. Speaking of music I have been torturing myself daily by drooling over Fender Basses. I currently own a no- name knock off hofner bass that I got of a lovely person from freecycle. (how good is freecycle?!) and dream of the day I can own a swanky yum-yumm crunchy fender 😀 I also have it bad for rickenbacker guitars, lordy they are amazing guitars!!!!

Obviously with a baby on the way, my dream bass guitar will have to wait, which I am happy with, I know one day I will be the owner of a sweet, sweet bass. In the mean time, here is a bass pic porn 😉 Fender Jaguar Bass.

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