The past few nights I haven’t been able to get to sleep till 1am, due to baby rabbit girl keeping me restless. The night holds a strange aura for me. It helps me realise that anything creative is possible, but then it scares the shite out of me by dampening my mood significantly. (Anyone who has studied depression and other various mental health issues, will know that the night time can be an equivilant of a boogie monster). I sneaked out the loungeroom careful not to wake hubby or my parents and curled up on the lounge, tried having a cup of tea. didn’t work so sketched another idea for a spiral that had been bouncing around my brain, that didn’t work either, so I crept in the kitchen and poked the Gladiator dog who was sleeping soundly and hoped to entice him out to snuggle with me.

He cracked open an eye, got a look on his face that clearly told me I was insane, snorted in a huff and snuggled deeper into his bed. Nothing says rejection like a dog that won’t snuggle with you! Dejected I tried to sleep on the lounge. Not happening. I lumbered back to bed and eventually sleep claimed me.

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4 thoughts on “Restless

  1. When I was pregnant, my baby would “wake up” when I laid down to sleep. I could count on about 20 – 30 minutes of activity. Thankfully she didn’t get her days and nights confused when she was born. What about starting a “mindless” knitting project that you could work on when she keeps you awake?

    • I’m hoping this little one doesn’t get her days and nights confused when she is born! I have some mindless crochet. Its the granny stripe afghan and works pretty good. I think I was just having an awful night, nothing really helped.

  2. So many things that keep us up at night – I know what ya mean about the night being a boogie monster though…. it is odd how it can spark so much creativity and romantacism… but so many negative thoughts as well. I agree with the other commenter – I tend to get up and crochet/knit and even if I don’t get sleep, at least my mind is occupied with something constructive rather than destructive.

    • I definately try and have something to do, because otherwise the night can feel oppressive. Maybe there needs to be some sort of support for taking back the night when we can’t sleep 😉

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