The Project Blues.

I’ve spent the last three days making hubby a scarf.  Now the one project/object or thing that I detest making more than anything in the world is a scarf.  Why?  I find them so boring, so frustrating and monotonous.  But I had promised to make him one ages ago, made a half assed attempt and threw it in the back of the cupboard, hoping it would never see the light of day.  Then lo and behold hubby shaves off his beard and needs a scarf.  The gladiator gets into my wool, rips out the scarf.


Gritting my teeth I decide to make up my own pattern.  The ends need weaving in and the scarf needs a quick block but it turned out okay.  Added a slit because Hubby  likes keyhole scarf. Here is a quick snap shot… More to follow.



So what don’t you like to make?

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2 thoughts on “The Project Blues.

  1. Thanks for making me a scarf even though you’re not keen on them.
    It’s OK, I won’t tell the scarf that his maker doesn’t love him. At least his new owner does!

  2. Ya know – I don’t know if there is anything that I really “hate” but I can say near the 3/4 mark of any afghan I am definitely ready to see it done *laughs* And I will say it is 100% sweet of your hubs to post a comment to your blog 🙂

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