To Re-Write a List

Egh My head is full of squashed cotton wool at the moment.  A lot is going on right now so I feel the need to re-vist my craft list.

To Do:

1. Granny Stripe Afghan

2. Rainbow Hat (own pattern)

3. Mystery plush toy (own pattern)

4. Buddha.



1. Mandala Square

2. Hubby’s Scarf


Currently Working on:

1. Stripes pouch (own pattern)

2. Mandala Square No.2 ( own pattern)


To write up:

1. Mandala square No. 1 (free pattern coming!)

2. Stripes Pouch (free pattern coming)


Its amusing to me that my list, is already morphing and changing its self from the original post. I wonder how different it will be at the end of a year long challenge.

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9 thoughts on “To Re-Write a List

  1. i have been wondering the same thing… my queue of sweater patterns is certainly not fixed and i’m guessing at least half the projects will be different by the end of the year, but i really don’t mind!

    i think the blackthorns only come as knitting needles… you should write to them and demand crochet hooks too!

  2. The beauty of having so many wonderful things to want to work on, right? I say morph away! Happy knitting.

  3. My list is the same – I am keeping the original list as it’s own and a 2nd list for “added items” just to see how much I really do finish in 1 year.

  4. I’m morphing my list as well! I also want to add the Granny Stripe Blanket but having issues choosing boy colours

  5. your list looks good! and i love that you’re already making so much progresson it.

  6. Fantastic and thought provoking closing line. I am feeling the same way about my list, too!

  7. My list keeps changing as I keep finding things I want to knit.

  8. Free patterns! Anyway my list will probably change unless I continue to procrastinate at this current rate.

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