Spiral Square Pattern (Mandala No.1)

YARN: 8ply
HOOK: 3.50mm

Pattern uses US terminology.


BLO= Back loop only


Dc= Double Crochet


Sc=Single crochet

Sl-st= Slip Stitch

Sk= skip


– If working with more than one colour yarn, you will have numerious ends to weave in.  I find it easier to weave in ends as I work the square.

-Pattern has yet to be tested by others. If you find a mistake please let me know in the comments section below

– Sorry about the lack of photos.  I am currently using my mobile phone as a camera.  So the quality isn’t the best.

1. Ch 2. Sc in 2nd chain from hook 8 times (8 sc)

Work in BLO from row 2 through to 6.
2. 2 Sc in ea stitch (16 sc)
3. 2 Sc in ea stitch (32)
4. Sc in ea stitch (32)
5. Sc 1. Inc 1 around (48)
6. Sc in ea stitch.(48) join with a slip stitch. Cut yarn, pull through loop.

7. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc in same stitch. *Sk 1 stitch, dc 2. Repeat from * around. Join with sl-st to 3rd chain (24 dc clusters). Cut yarn. pull through loop.

8. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc 2 in same space. Ch 2, Dc 3 in same space, Ch 1. (corner made).  *Sk 1st cluster of previous round, 3dc in next stitch, Ch 1. x 2 (there should be 2 treble clusters after the corner). Sk 1 cluster. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3, ch 1. (corner made) Repeat from * around. Join with slip st to 3rd ch . Cut yarn. Pull tail through loop.

9. Attach yarn with sl-st to previous corner. Ch3, Dc 2, ch 2, Dc 3. Work *3 Dc in next gap (x 2).  You should have a total of 3 Dc clusters between each corner made. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 (corner made) Repeat from* around joing with a sl-st to 3rd ch.  Cut yarn, pull tail through loop.

10. Gentley Block square.

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8 thoughts on “Spiral Square Pattern (Mandala No.1)

  1. Love it – thank you for sharing!

  2. You make it so pretty! I guess I’m just going to have to learn how to crochet!

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  4. Kinnicchick

    Just finished stitching it. Added one more round because using my typical 3.75 mm hook it was smaller than the six-inch square I usually make. It’s blocking right now and I’ll snap a photo and get it out on rav/flickr and my blog in just a bit. LOVE the pattern.

    On the last round I did add a chain between the dc groups to spread things out and help flatten the sides a little for my square. I really like the mandala in the middle. It was a lovely soothing bit to make. 🙂

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