Moving arrangements

We have moved into our new space, it is bliss! between moving, hospital appointments and visiting relatives, I am very much looking forward to putting my feet up and relaxing! I have stil managed to get some crocheting done, pictures to follow. Unfortunately the Gladiator isn’t with us :/ He is my dog but was bought as a family dog and my parents refuse to let him go. Thankfully this time I’m only a 30 minute train trip from seeing him and not in another state like last time! So I still get to see him at least once a week and kiss him. An added bonus as part of our house sitting arrangement is we are looking after the occupants darling dog named Sparky.

As part of the house sitting arrangement I get to use some of the wool that the occupants have left behind 😀 it is a huggggggggggggeeeeeeee big crate filled with all sorts of yarny goodness, unfortunately due it being stored it has developed a musty smell, so it will need washing before crafting. But still that’s pretty neat 😀 I just wish I had time to craft everything before the baby arrived.

I wish you all well.

Crochet craft update with photos will be soon. I promise

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2 thoughts on “Moving arrangements

  1. I’m sorry you don’t have your dog with you. And you’re right, having another one to pet helps. Could you air out the yarn to erase the musty smell? Either way, just having it is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the crochet pictures.

  2. Kinnicchick

    Congratulations on the move! As, I’m sorry that Gladiator couldn’t come along. *hmph* Give him a hug from me next visit.

    Now I look forward to the new pet you have along with the house sitting duties.

    How exciting to inherit yarn as part of the package!

    Put up your feet and grab that hook and enjoy some crafty goodnes…

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