Dyeing to Soothe the Soul

Oh blog, how I have missed you! I feel like it has been eons since I updated. Still no crochet, but to help soothe my creative soul I have been dyeing yarn 😀 Food colouring + vinegar + hot water = yarn colour healing goodness.

The first yarn is an 8ply (dk weight) which was white, 100 % crepe wool. I used about one table spoon of yellow food colouring and it turned out so bright 🙂 As its only 50g I’m thinking of making a pair of bright cheery fingerless gloves.

Next in the dye bath, was a 7ply (really? who makes 7ply yarn?)Patons Australia brushed, mohair, acrylic and wool, which I picked up from a second hand shop for $1. I dye it a pink and green and when drying hubby remarked it looked like bubblegum ice cream. I’m surprised it took the dye so well as they yarn is 40% acrylic. Anyway i think this yarn will make a nice toy, maybe a unicorn?

Third in the dye bath line up, is some lovely chunky cream wool, thick and thin ,that I dyed ,red, yellow and orange. I call this yarn ‘Muted Fire’ as when I was mixing the colours together I though of bush fires. The wool really slurps up the dye so it went lighter then what i expected.

Anyway I hope you are well… and the creative faery is being good to you…

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3 thoughts on “Dyeing to Soothe the Soul

  1. Anticipation is sweet while waiting for the dyes to set?

  2. I’m sorry this is late, we had no internet connection today. I have awarded you an award. Go check out my blog to see.

  3. Kinnicchick

    Beautiful yarns. And darn it all… Sally already caught you with the award. 🙂 You were going to be on MY list. *grumble grumble*

    I just made a wrap which used a yarn from Patons called Bonfire. There is a photo in process from yesterday or day before with the colors in it. Reminds me of your muted fire, but it’s a little more firey, which makes sense! Hope you’re feeling well. Hugs!

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