dun dun duuuuuh

Well, its official. I have lost my crafting mojo. I tend to just stare vacently at my box of yarn and unfinished projects. It couldn’t have happend at a worse time O-o as when baby gets here I’m obviously not going to have time to do a thing. Oh well.

Yesterday was two years since my husband came to Australia 😀 and on the 13th of november it will be two years since we have been together. Best goddamn two years of my life ❤ Sometimes I lay awake and night and just thank the universe for all the good things in my life. I never thought I would be with anyone, just thought i'd be a crazy animal lady who eventually dissapered into nature.

Life has a way of surprising you.

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3 thoughts on “dun dun duuuuuh

  1. Ain’t Life Grand! And I haven’t forgotten about the essay.

  2. The mojo returns when you least expect it, but until then, it sounds like you have other fun stuff to keep you happy :).

  3. Kinnicchick

    I was on quite a crafty dryspell myself until just the past year and then it suddenly it hit me. YEARS of dryspell. So I agree with UC, it can return when you least expect it. The wee one might awaken a crafty giant within you out of necessity! Or perhaps you’ll just sleep when the babe sleeps and gaze at baby in wonderment during all of your waking moments without another thought in your head. WHO KNOWS?

    But it’s all good. There’s so much crafting going on in the world that your break from it is a minor blip. We’ll all be sitting here waiting patiently. 😉

    Hugs to you.

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