A little bit of nothing.

Baby will be here anytime soon, which is both exhillerating and terrifying. One thing is for sure my husband deserves a gold medal for putting up with my constant whining about how tired and sore I am. Seriously I probably owe him at least five roast dinners šŸ˜‰

Still no crafting but i’ve accepted that it will come back. Good news is I’ve been playing my bass and writing out melodys. Even funnier is that baby responds to the music whenever I play. It amazes me how responsive baby’s are.

Development is very inspiring. I find myself smiling reflecting on my neice who is now 5! eeeep. I was very very fortunate to hang out with her constantly since she was a newborn, so I have awesome memories of how much and how quickly kids grow up.

anyway to end this rambling blog post.. here’s a photo of my boy exhausted after hubby (and i attempted šŸ˜‰ played ball.

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One thought on “A little bit of nothing.

  1. I just stumbled across this post because of the ‘pregnancy’ tag… I’m pregnant too, due in three days! Exciting times. Exhausting times.

    I read some of your earlier posts about your fear of suffering PPD, and your negativity towards a lot of people… I just wanted to tell you that’s pretty normal! Sure, my compassion and nurturing urges have grown – but only towards babies! The people who abuse them can go die in a cave. As for PPD, if it’s something you’re thinking about and aware of, it’s going to be much easier to identify and treat if it happens. It means you won’t be one of those women who suffer in silence for three years wondering what’s wrong with them.

    Good luck with everything! šŸ™‚

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