Our little lady arrived three weeks ago due to me being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. I spent a total of 9 days in hospital and am still having my blood pressure monitered. We obviously adore her ( how cute are babies chubby cheeks and legs?!!!) and I’m slowly getting used to the sleep deprivation. What I am not getting used to is having to burp her. If she feeds for 1-2 hours, I then have to burp her for at least 45mins, she takes forever to wind.

Thankfully we are staying with my parents for a couple of weeks and my mother has graciously offered to walk the floor with her of a night, so hubby and I can get a couple of hours rest. I recently got diagnosed with mastities and am on the tail end of anti-biotics. Why is it that pregnancy and its aftershocks can be so cruel to a woman’s body?

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  1. I’m so glad everyone is getting better! Have you tried this for burping: put her in your lap sitting up with her leaning into your left arm and wrist and using your right hand to pat and/or rub her back? Her precious little chin is cupped in your left hand between your thumb and index finger and your fingers touching (embracing) her right cheek. Make sure you have a cloth diaper or burp cloth draped down your arm. The time you don’t will be the very time she spits up.
    But isn’t she precious?! Don’t you just stare at her. My husband has a picture of me lying on the sofa half-asleep and the baby is lying on her tummy on my chest. I was also known to sit and hold her between feedings. When she’s a month old take a picture of her and when she’s two and three and four months old and when she’s a year old you’ll have these pictures taken on the same day of the month she was born and you’ll see the drastic changes! Have fun and enjoy every moment!

  2. Congratulations! 🙂 But what a situation; I hope you (and your little one) are going to be okay.

  3. Kinnicchick

    Congratulations! Oof. I also had mastitis. Warm wash cloths, heat pads and such were my friends. SO sorry to hear you have been suffering from this. Happy day that you are staying with your folks so they can help at night. Yay grandma!

    Thinking of you. Great peace.

  4. thanks everyone 🙂 Burping is slowly coming along…she just does it when she wants to…

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