A little bit of rainbow…

Good news everybody! 😀 I have my creative mojo back. I’m managing to craft a little when my bugaboo is sleeping. My project in preference is the rainbow blanket. I’m almost through my first lot of yarn, so when I get the chance I will have to duck out and buy the next lot of colours.

The only thing I find annoying is that the blanket isn’t anywhere as cheap to make as it is for people in the U.K who buy the stylecraft acrylic yarn. (as mentioned on Lucy’s attic24 blog) Its going to be double (or triple) the cost and I’m using cheap acrylic yarn.

In bass playing news I managed to outlay one or two bass lines on hubby’s garage band before bub arrived, so I’m super excited to get back into them and hear them with fresh ears.

gotta run this time… and grab some food before she wakes

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2 thoughts on “A little bit of rainbow…

  1. You need to be napping when she naps!

  2. Kinnicchick

    🙂 I know what you mean about yarn prices. I calculated it out for a blanket like that from here, too. I can find some cheapo stuff to make one in, but nothing like the nicer stuff it looks like Lucy is using. When I price out a blanket with yarn similar, it’s crazy pricey. But doing it bit by bit doesn’t seem quite so steep.

    Enjoy the crafting, the music, the love of the baby and the joy of life. Enjoy every minute.


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