This Blog Needs Some Love

Egh. I really need to find a new layout and jazz up my blog a bit. It feels so stale, plus I want to make a new header. Such a trivial thing to write about, yet I find a blog is an extension of one’s personality. This means it is constantly morphing and changing to fit how we feel.

How do you feel at the moment?

I feel INSPIRED! I want to write music and lyrics and sketch pattern after pattern. I recently bought a craft journal at the moment and it is getting quiet a work out. I manage to write or draw an idea every day which is a miracle considering I have an eight week old little girl who has a voracious appetite. Turning the ideas into a solid tangible subject is another matter entirely πŸ˜‰

I also want to realise one of my dreams in working with animals. My goal is to eventually be able to open and run a no-kill animal shelter. That is a long way off at this point in my life, but I believe anything is possible. A smaller goal that I will acomplish is to become a certified dog trainer and behaviourist. I would like to be qualifed within five years. This depends of where life takes my husband and I(and obviously our daughter!-she goes where we go).

What are your dreams?

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5 thoughts on “This Blog Needs Some Love

  1. I love the idea of opening a no kill shelter. I’ve adopted several amazing pets from shelters.

  2. oh yeah i’m a sucker for animals, I can’t wait till hubby and i settle down the track and I can get some more dogs πŸ˜€

  3. Kinnicchick

    My blog is constantly morphing. I’m always afraid people won’t recognize it when they show up and I’ve change it again. πŸ™‚ (That said, it’s YOUR blog, nothing is trivial.)

    I read an amazing/inspiring book (loaned it out but am hoping I get it back again some day LOL) about a couple who do dog rescue… check out the blurb here. I bet you’d love it. If you have any reading time. πŸ™‚

    Hope you and baby girl and all around you are doing well. So lovely to hear you are feeling inspired!


  4. Merry Christmas!! Hope you and yours are well and enjoying the holidays and making new memories! This First Christmas should be special.
    take care

  5. Kinnicchick

    Hello, dear! Hope your new year is going well. I’m not doing very well checking my blog feed so I didn’t know if you had been updating or not but decided to pop in. Glad I haven’t missed out on anything. (I’m actually SCARED to check my blog feed. I know that I’m now MANY HUNDREDS of posts behind. I’ll have to just clear and start fresh! So thanks for not contributing to my over-abundance of guilt! LOL)

    Big hugs to you and baby and gladdy. I do hope all is well.

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