I miss the town of maleny in QLD. I keep thinking about it and the friends we made there. In such a short space of time I felt like part of the community and that the friendships made could be sustained over a life time. What I miss most is the sense of community. I don’t feel like I have that down here. The critical point is that to feel part of something you have to make an effort and get out into the world.

Then I feel guilt for missing the friendships and quirky town. My poor husband is halfway across the world from his friends and family. He has sacrificed so much to be with me and never complains. The funny thing is now that i’ve had a baby I want something solid, yet that is not possible at this moment. We are planning to save up and take our little lady over to see her Canadian family, which is very exciting (can’t wait!!!) but I feel torn because I don’t know where we are going to settle.

I just hope where ever we end up, it has the same laid back vibe, fantastic community and wonderful friendships of that little town up in the QLD mountains.

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