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Egh. I really need to find a new layout and jazz up my blog a bit. It feels so stale, plus I want to make a new header. Such a trivial thing to write about, yet I find a blog is an extension of one’s personality. This means it is constantly morphing and changing to fit how we feel.

How do you feel at the moment?

I feel INSPIRED! I want to write music and lyrics and sketch pattern after pattern. I recently bought a craft journal at the moment and it is getting quiet a work out. I manage to write or draw an idea every day which is a miracle considering I have an eight week old little girl who has a voracious appetite. Turning the ideas into a solid tangible subject is another matter entirely 😉

I also want to realise one of my dreams in working with animals. My goal is to eventually be able to open and run a no-kill animal shelter. That is a long way off at this point in my life, but I believe anything is possible. A smaller goal that I will acomplish is to become a certified dog trainer and behaviourist. I would like to be qualifed within five years. This depends of where life takes my husband and I(and obviously our daughter!-she goes where we go).

What are your dreams?

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Dyeing to Soothe the Soul

Oh blog, how I have missed you! I feel like it has been eons since I updated. Still no crochet, but to help soothe my creative soul I have been dyeing yarn 😀 Food colouring + vinegar + hot water = yarn colour healing goodness.

The first yarn is an 8ply (dk weight) which was white, 100 % crepe wool. I used about one table spoon of yellow food colouring and it turned out so bright 🙂 As its only 50g I’m thinking of making a pair of bright cheery fingerless gloves.

Next in the dye bath, was a 7ply (really? who makes 7ply yarn?)Patons Australia brushed, mohair, acrylic and wool, which I picked up from a second hand shop for $1. I dye it a pink and green and when drying hubby remarked it looked like bubblegum ice cream. I’m surprised it took the dye so well as they yarn is 40% acrylic. Anyway i think this yarn will make a nice toy, maybe a unicorn?

Third in the dye bath line up, is some lovely chunky cream wool, thick and thin ,that I dyed ,red, yellow and orange. I call this yarn ‘Muted Fire’ as when I was mixing the colours together I though of bush fires. The wool really slurps up the dye so it went lighter then what i expected.

Anyway I hope you are well… and the creative faery is being good to you…

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Sleep and Other Lessons

Last night was the first night in two weeks that I managed a full night sleep. Bliss! No vomiting, hacking cough or chest pains 😀 This was due in part to my G.P prescribing me some awesome cough syrup that has a shit load of codein in it, which makes one drowsy as a baby who is milk drunk.

I’d almost forgotten what a full night sleep felt like,obviously I wont be getting perfect sleep when the baby is here, but you expect that, a tiny little human that depends on you for everything, plus I (hopefully) won’t be sick when taking care of bub. I was so sick the other morning (think 3am) that hubby actually came into the bathroom rub my back and hold me 0-o

So with everyting that has been happening, crafting has been taking a back seat, I can’t bare to look at the baby blanket or touch it, it feels like sensory overload. I started a weaving project from a tutorial found on the internet and have left that lying on the table.

All I want to do is stay in bed and snuggle with my dog, instead I’ve been cooking trying to slowly put food into the freezer, for when we come home from the hospital.

I’m off to read some blogs and hopefully get some inspiration…

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Progress shots

During the past couple of weeks I feel like I haven’t got much crafting done, it is a strange feeling indeed. Even stranger now that we have moved into our new place and I can spread my craft supplies out.

The rainbow blanket has taken a backseat at the moment and I’m working exclusivly on a baby blanket. It is about halfway done, the pattern is of course from Lucy on her blog Attic24. Here is a progress shot so far

I plan on crocheting a border around the blanket once its done. Fingers crossed.

I must really finish the granny stripes pouch I have lounging around. It is about 90% done and is holding my lenormand cards. (I read tarot and lenormand cards) I decided to do black and grey stripes for something different. Once I have finished that pouch, I will work on another pouch with much brighter colours, then offer the pattern here on the blog for free. Progress shots below.

So that is what I have been working on so far… Hopefully next time I update it wil be with finished items and a written pattern to share

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Inspiration Tuesday

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Spiral Square Pattern (Mandala No.1)

YARN: 8ply
HOOK: 3.50mm

Pattern uses US terminology.


BLO= Back loop only


Dc= Double Crochet


Sc=Single crochet

Sl-st= Slip Stitch

Sk= skip


– If working with more than one colour yarn, you will have numerious ends to weave in.  I find it easier to weave in ends as I work the square.

-Pattern has yet to be tested by others. If you find a mistake please let me know in the comments section below

– Sorry about the lack of photos.  I am currently using my mobile phone as a camera.  So the quality isn’t the best.

1. Ch 2. Sc in 2nd chain from hook 8 times (8 sc)

Work in BLO from row 2 through to 6.
2. 2 Sc in ea stitch (16 sc)
3. 2 Sc in ea stitch (32)
4. Sc in ea stitch (32)
5. Sc 1. Inc 1 around (48)
6. Sc in ea stitch.(48) join with a slip stitch. Cut yarn, pull through loop.

7. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc in same stitch. *Sk 1 stitch, dc 2. Repeat from * around. Join with sl-st to 3rd chain (24 dc clusters). Cut yarn. pull through loop.

8. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc 2 in same space. Ch 2, Dc 3 in same space, Ch 1. (corner made).  *Sk 1st cluster of previous round, 3dc in next stitch, Ch 1. x 2 (there should be 2 treble clusters after the corner). Sk 1 cluster. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3, ch 1. (corner made) Repeat from * around. Join with slip st to 3rd ch . Cut yarn. Pull tail through loop.

9. Attach yarn with sl-st to previous corner. Ch3, Dc 2, ch 2, Dc 3. Work *3 Dc in next gap (x 2).  You should have a total of 3 Dc clusters between each corner made. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 (corner made) Repeat from* around joing with a sl-st to 3rd ch.  Cut yarn, pull tail through loop.

10. Gentley Block square.

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To Re-Write a List

Egh My head is full of squashed cotton wool at the moment.  A lot is going on right now so I feel the need to re-vist my craft list.

To Do:

1. Granny Stripe Afghan

2. Rainbow Hat (own pattern)

3. Mystery plush toy (own pattern)

4. Buddha.



1. Mandala Square

2. Hubby’s Scarf


Currently Working on:

1. Stripes pouch (own pattern)

2. Mandala Square No.2 ( own pattern)


To write up:

1. Mandala square No. 1 (free pattern coming!)

2. Stripes Pouch (free pattern coming)


Its amusing to me that my list, is already morphing and changing its self from the original post. I wonder how different it will be at the end of a year long challenge.

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The Project Blues.

I’ve spent the last three days making hubby a scarf.  Now the one project/object or thing that I detest making more than anything in the world is a scarf.  Why?  I find them so boring, so frustrating and monotonous.  But I had promised to make him one ages ago, made a half assed attempt and threw it in the back of the cupboard, hoping it would never see the light of day.  Then lo and behold hubby shaves off his beard and needs a scarf.  The gladiator gets into my wool, rips out the scarf.


Gritting my teeth I decide to make up my own pattern.  The ends need weaving in and the scarf needs a quick block but it turned out okay.  Added a slit because Hubby  likes keyhole scarf. Here is a quick snap shot… More to follow.



So what don’t you like to make?

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Spiral Mandala Square.

I have finished the spiral mandala square.  I still feel like it needs something else though.  So in reality its only 99% finished. I think it might need something sewn onto it; stars, leaves who knows, haven’t figured that out yet. Anyway here is the basic unembellished square.

Please ignore the colour scheme. I only used what I had on hand. I love blue and green together but the yellow and purple? YERK! I have written down instructions and will post a pattern on here, once I figure out how to turn my gibberish into readable instructions.

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The past few nights I haven’t been able to get to sleep till 1am, due to baby rabbit girl keeping me restless. The night holds a strange aura for me. It helps me realise that anything creative is possible, but then it scares the shite out of me by dampening my mood significantly. (Anyone who has studied depression and other various mental health issues, will know that the night time can be an equivilant of a boogie monster). I sneaked out the loungeroom careful not to wake hubby or my parents and curled up on the lounge, tried having a cup of tea. didn’t work so sketched another idea for a spiral that had been bouncing around my brain, that didn’t work either, so I crept in the kitchen and poked the Gladiator dog who was sleeping soundly and hoped to entice him out to snuggle with me.

He cracked open an eye, got a look on his face that clearly told me I was insane, snorted in a huff and snuggled deeper into his bed. Nothing says rejection like a dog that won’t snuggle with you! Dejected I tried to sleep on the lounge. Not happening. I lumbered back to bed and eventually sleep claimed me.

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