A little bit of rainbow…

Good news everybody! 😀 I have my creative mojo back. I’m managing to craft a little when my bugaboo is sleeping. My project in preference is the rainbow blanket. I’m almost through my first lot of yarn, so when I get the chance I will have to duck out and buy the next lot of colours.

The only thing I find annoying is that the blanket isn’t anywhere as cheap to make as it is for people in the U.K who buy the stylecraft acrylic yarn. (as mentioned on Lucy’s attic24 blog) Its going to be double (or triple) the cost and I’m using cheap acrylic yarn.

In bass playing news I managed to outlay one or two bass lines on hubby’s garage band before bub arrived, so I’m super excited to get back into them and hear them with fresh ears.

gotta run this time… and grab some food before she wakes

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Progress shots

During the past couple of weeks I feel like I haven’t got much crafting done, it is a strange feeling indeed. Even stranger now that we have moved into our new place and I can spread my craft supplies out.

The rainbow blanket has taken a backseat at the moment and I’m working exclusivly on a baby blanket. It is about halfway done, the pattern is of course from Lucy on her blog Attic24. Here is a progress shot so far

I plan on crocheting a border around the blanket once its done. Fingers crossed.

I must really finish the granny stripes pouch I have lounging around. It is about 90% done and is holding my lenormand cards. (I read tarot and lenormand cards) I decided to do black and grey stripes for something different. Once I have finished that pouch, I will work on another pouch with much brighter colours, then offer the pattern here on the blog for free. Progress shots below.

So that is what I have been working on so far… Hopefully next time I update it wil be with finished items and a written pattern to share

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Hookin up!

I am part of the month long project called Hookin Up, designed to help spread the word about crochet and kick ass blogs.  You can see the idea and its many participants here.

Yesterday I was reviewed by the wonderful Cris from ‘Crochet with Cris’ who made me beam all over, she is lovely… go and read the interveiw and say hello to the very talented Cris Click Here

Now its my turn, with the wonderful Jocelyn from Cute Crochet Chat

The first thing I notice about Cute Crochet Chat is the literally delicous blog header. It makes me want to eat cupcakes with pink frosting decorated with cute little butterflies, then roll around in tub filled with delicate mohair yarns.

CCC is run by Jocelyn Sass wonder woman extrodinare. Not only does Jocelyn design crochet patterns, she does everything else! From blogging, taking photos and editing to book keeping and filling orders and shipping them. Phew! I don’t know how she does it.

You can access Jocelyns patterns through her website or etsy link. Immediatly I click and vist etsy and am delighted to be presented with hats, headbands and some cute home decore. My eyes are drawn to a flower headband ( a gal can never have to many hair bands)

Gorgeous hair wrap

Once again i’m impressed by how clear the photos are and the fact that the listing tells you what weight yarn you will need (it may be surprising but a number of pattern designers do not list what yarn is required when uploading their patterns to etsy. ) and type of stitches used. Pattern prices are more then reasonable(which means you’ll want to purchase more than one!)

Back at Jocelyn’s blog I’m charmed by her conversational tone, yes I really do feel as if she is talking to me, her book reviews make me want to go out and buy tons of crochet books ,but for those of you like me who would rather spend money on yarn, you are in luck! Cute Crochet Chat regularly has giveaways, so make sure you subscribe!

Jocelyn very kindly decided to take time out of her busy schedule and answers some quick questions.

Five Fast Ones! (Five interview questions)

1. Where do you find your inspiration for designing crochet patterns?

Inspiration for designing comes from so many places! Sometimes, it depends on what you are ‘into’ at the time. By that I mean when my children were small, I loved designing toys, dolls and other kid related items. When my daughters were teenagers, I loved designing the latest ‘trend’ in hats and other accessories. Right now, I have been designing baby crochet items for my oldest daughter’s new photography business. So you can see, sometimes “Necessity IS the mother of invention”! I also love designing wearable accessories that are quick and easy to crochet. Ideas come from all over. I love finding inspiration in a fabric shop! I adore all the beautiful colors and patterns of sewing fabric. I also look through magazines, pattern books and trendy internet sites.

2. How long does it take you to complete a design?

When I was selling my crochet designs to books and magazines, my items took a much shorter time to crochet and write instructions for from start to finish. Since I have been self-publishing, bringing a design to completion takes a tremendous amount of time. That is because when you self publish and sell your designs yourself, there is so much more work involved to bring it to fruition. You control and must accomplish all the work involved yourself, from writing the pattern, to photographing the prototype, to formatting the pattern for publication, to writing all the descriptions for your items, to then delivering the pattern to the buyer! Right now, I have about 15-20 crochet patterns that have been designed and crocheted, but still need me to size the pattern, photograph the item and format the pattern for publication! It now takes me some time to bring a design to the crocheting public!

3. What is your favourite project to make?

I originally learned to crochet so I could make lovely, lacy doilies! But over the years I have come to appreciate the speed of crochet, while making quick and easy home decor, fashion accessories and baby items! I love that you can start with only a ball of yarn and a hook and sometimes overnight create a gorgeous item!

4. Chocolate or Ice cream?
Without question, CHOCOLATE!

5. Any Tips for those wishing to enter the crochet industry professionally?

First and foremost, always be as professional as you can in every aspect of your business, whether you are dealing with editors, contract crocheters, publishers or your own customers. Do your homework and know what is involved in creating crochet designs that are suitable for publication. Read as much as you can about the business of crochet design. There is so much information that is available on the internet today, that was not available when I first started designing! Look through the crochet publications to see what type of designs they usually publish. Don’t send a crochet doily pattern to an editor that only publishs crochet wearables! Above all else, have fun with your crochet!

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Sickness, Health and the Hook

I feel like the past week has gone by in a gigantic blur.  I hit my third trimester and become as sick as a dog with a UTI, vomiting and horrendous muscle cramps.  I didn’t get to sleep this morning til 4am from exhaustion and woke up at 8.30am :/  I’m on anti-biotics which are a God send, at the moment i’m glad we are living with my parents because my hubby is recovering from a sprained ankle and has been hobbling around on crutches, as you can imagine we make quiet a pair.  Although we are ment to be moving in to our friends house and looking after the place at the end of this week, I can’t face it.  I want someone else to move for me.

Thankfully one of my parents is a nurse and the other an OT, so I don’t have to worry about panicking needlesly or worrying if the baby is okay.  Worst comes to worse my brother runs the Emergency department at the local hospital so if things don’t clear up I can pop down there.  (its great having nurses in the family!)

Anyway onto more creative news. I am still working on my rainbow blanket and haven’t forgotten about it, but in a momentary lapse of insanity late last week I decided to start a baby blanket, I am halfway through it, so if the peeing and vomiting can hold off for a bit, I may actally finish it within the next 1-2 weeks.

Speaking of crochet I was recently interview by Jasmine over on her blog, if you want to know a little bit more about me then check out the link below.

What is amazing about Jasmine is she is 13 and boy can she knit!  I am currently drooling over her beautiful cabled mittens, seriously people check out her blog.  This is one talented lady.

Speaking of interviews I recently interviewed a crochet designer and will be posting a review of her site and her answers.  Check back for the interview on the 29th of this month.

So now I am off to catch up on some much needed blog reading and answer emails.

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Spiral Square Pattern (Mandala No.1)

YARN: 8ply
HOOK: 3.50mm

Pattern uses US terminology.


BLO= Back loop only


Dc= Double Crochet


Sc=Single crochet

Sl-st= Slip Stitch

Sk= skip


– If working with more than one colour yarn, you will have numerious ends to weave in.  I find it easier to weave in ends as I work the square.

-Pattern has yet to be tested by others. If you find a mistake please let me know in the comments section below

– Sorry about the lack of photos.  I am currently using my mobile phone as a camera.  So the quality isn’t the best.

1. Ch 2. Sc in 2nd chain from hook 8 times (8 sc)

Work in BLO from row 2 through to 6.
2. 2 Sc in ea stitch (16 sc)
3. 2 Sc in ea stitch (32)
4. Sc in ea stitch (32)
5. Sc 1. Inc 1 around (48)
6. Sc in ea stitch.(48) join with a slip stitch. Cut yarn, pull through loop.

7. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc in same stitch. *Sk 1 stitch, dc 2. Repeat from * around. Join with sl-st to 3rd chain (24 dc clusters). Cut yarn. pull through loop.

8. Attach yarn with sl-st. Ch 3, dc 2 in same space. Ch 2, Dc 3 in same space, Ch 1. (corner made).  *Sk 1st cluster of previous round, 3dc in next stitch, Ch 1. x 2 (there should be 2 treble clusters after the corner). Sk 1 cluster. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3, ch 1. (corner made) Repeat from * around. Join with slip st to 3rd ch . Cut yarn. Pull tail through loop.

9. Attach yarn with sl-st to previous corner. Ch3, Dc 2, ch 2, Dc 3. Work *3 Dc in next gap (x 2).  You should have a total of 3 Dc clusters between each corner made. Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 (corner made) Repeat from* around joing with a sl-st to 3rd ch.  Cut yarn, pull tail through loop.

10. Gentley Block square.

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To Re-Write a List

Egh My head is full of squashed cotton wool at the moment.  A lot is going on right now so I feel the need to re-vist my craft list.

To Do:

1. Granny Stripe Afghan

2. Rainbow Hat (own pattern)

3. Mystery plush toy (own pattern)

4. Buddha.



1. Mandala Square

2. Hubby’s Scarf


Currently Working on:

1. Stripes pouch (own pattern)

2. Mandala Square No.2 ( own pattern)


To write up:

1. Mandala square No. 1 (free pattern coming!)

2. Stripes Pouch (free pattern coming)


Its amusing to me that my list, is already morphing and changing its self from the original post. I wonder how different it will be at the end of a year long challenge.

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The Project Blues.

I’ve spent the last three days making hubby a scarf.  Now the one project/object or thing that I detest making more than anything in the world is a scarf.  Why?  I find them so boring, so frustrating and monotonous.  But I had promised to make him one ages ago, made a half assed attempt and threw it in the back of the cupboard, hoping it would never see the light of day.  Then lo and behold hubby shaves off his beard and needs a scarf.  The gladiator gets into my wool, rips out the scarf.


Gritting my teeth I decide to make up my own pattern.  The ends need weaving in and the scarf needs a quick block but it turned out okay.  Added a slit because Hubby  likes keyhole scarf. Here is a quick snap shot… More to follow.



So what don’t you like to make?

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Spiral Mandala Square.

I have finished the spiral mandala square.  I still feel like it needs something else though.  So in reality its only 99% finished. I think it might need something sewn onto it; stars, leaves who knows, haven’t figured that out yet. Anyway here is the basic unembellished square.

Please ignore the colour scheme. I only used what I had on hand. I love blue and green together but the yellow and purple? YERK! I have written down instructions and will post a pattern on here, once I figure out how to turn my gibberish into readable instructions.

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Sunday Blog Along Update.

Happy Sunday! Its a beautiful sunny day here and I’ve just come back from a family member’s birthday party. The one project I want to give you an update on is the rainbow hat i’m designing.

At the moment its roughly thirty percent complete and is done in single crochet (double crochet for UK people). My goal is to hopefully add some double crochet clusters (= treble for UK) in there somewhere. I have a rough idea of what I would like the hat to look like but i’m not going to pin my hopes on the drawing 😉

I hope everyone else is having a nice relaxing sunday

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A Year of Projects… Blog Along

I found this wonderful idea from Yarn Dharma’s Blog and have decided to participate. I think I might be slightly crazy especially as baby rabbit girl will be born in october of this year,yet I know I will need crafting to help get me through this wonderful amazing, new challenging aspect of my life.

Anyway, here is my ‘book’ of patterns

* 1. Granny Stripe Afghan

* 2. Mandala pattern (my own, currently designing)

* 3. Rainbow hat (my own, currently designing)

* 4. Mystery Plush Toy (my own currently designing)

* 5. Buddha

At the moment that is all i’m going to list. I know myself and am likely to get to carried away. Can’t wait to see what others are coming up with!

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