Spiral Mandala Square.

I have finished the spiral mandala square.  I still feel like it needs something else though.  So in reality its only 99% finished. I think it might need something sewn onto it; stars, leaves who knows, haven’t figured that out yet. Anyway here is the basic unembellished square.

Please ignore the colour scheme. I only used what I had on hand. I love blue and green together but the yellow and purple? YERK! I have written down instructions and will post a pattern on here, once I figure out how to turn my gibberish into readable instructions.

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Spirals and Mandalas… Oh My!

My brain is currently obsessing over spirals and mandalas. Yesterday I was happily working on my rainbow stripes granny blanket and the creative side of my brain took over and started designing spirals and mandalas. I literally had to drop my current project, waddle inside, get a pencil and start sketching. Five minutes later I had some yarn and another hook in my hand and started crafting. I find this frustrating as I don’t like having more then one craft project on the go. I like to finish what I make and then move on.

Anyway here is what i’m working on in all its messy unfinished glory

Not happy with the consistancy of the joins or flow of the square, I’ve started another mandala, referencing notes I jotted down yesterday.

I know I should be enjoying the creative process, but in honesty its starting to drive me batshit crazy. I have bass lines, lyrics and crochet projects all screaming out for attention. I am eternally greatful for my husband who listens to me and points out that I should have a star chart that monitors my progress. I looked at him like he was crazy and blurted out “but that’s what ravelry is for!” plus ravelry is only for crochet and knitting not music etc.

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