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Cutest knitting pattern ever

This is the cutest knitting pattern ever! I wish I could knit.
Even better is that the money goes to a worthy cause.


I’m probably going to download it anyway as the money goes to a cause very close to my heart. Speaking of staffies I haven’t updated about my Gladiator boy in a while, I’ve tried to write two posts but have not been able to finish or publish them without becoming weepy. He is still around and keeping us laughing with his antics, but he is having health problems.

A more coherant post will be written later

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A little bit of nothing.

Baby will be here anytime soon, which is both exhillerating and terrifying. One thing is for sure my husband deserves a gold medal for putting up with my constant whining about how tired and sore I am. Seriously I probably owe him at least five roast dinners 😉

Still no crafting but i’ve accepted that it will come back. Good news is I’ve been playing my bass and writing out melodys. Even funnier is that baby responds to the music whenever I play. It amazes me how responsive baby’s are.

Development is very inspiring. I find myself smiling reflecting on my neice who is now 5! eeeep. I was very very fortunate to hang out with her constantly since she was a newborn, so I have awesome memories of how much and how quickly kids grow up.

anyway to end this rambling blog post.. here’s a photo of my boy exhausted after hubby (and i attempted 😉 played ball.

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Wednesday with the Gladiator

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The Project Blues.

I’ve spent the last three days making hubby a scarf.  Now the one project/object or thing that I detest making more than anything in the world is a scarf.  Why?  I find them so boring, so frustrating and monotonous.  But I had promised to make him one ages ago, made a half assed attempt and threw it in the back of the cupboard, hoping it would never see the light of day.  Then lo and behold hubby shaves off his beard and needs a scarf.  The gladiator gets into my wool, rips out the scarf.


Gritting my teeth I decide to make up my own pattern.  The ends need weaving in and the scarf needs a quick block but it turned out okay.  Added a slit because Hubby  likes keyhole scarf. Here is a quick snap shot… More to follow.



So what don’t you like to make?

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The past few nights I haven’t been able to get to sleep till 1am, due to baby rabbit girl keeping me restless. The night holds a strange aura for me. It helps me realise that anything creative is possible, but then it scares the shite out of me by dampening my mood significantly. (Anyone who has studied depression and other various mental health issues, will know that the night time can be an equivilant of a boogie monster). I sneaked out the loungeroom careful not to wake hubby or my parents and curled up on the lounge, tried having a cup of tea. didn’t work so sketched another idea for a spiral that had been bouncing around my brain, that didn’t work either, so I crept in the kitchen and poked the Gladiator dog who was sleeping soundly and hoped to entice him out to snuggle with me.

He cracked open an eye, got a look on his face that clearly told me I was insane, snorted in a huff and snuggled deeper into his bed. Nothing says rejection like a dog that won’t snuggle with you! Dejected I tried to sleep on the lounge. Not happening. I lumbered back to bed and eventually sleep claimed me.

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A Blanket, a Snake and a Bass

This week has been an interesting one, filled with strange highs and lows. The force which emotions bare themselves still takes me by surprise. I am trying to re-introduce more meditation and mantras into my lifestyle. I want to be a calm, centred woman, not just for me but for hubby and baby rabbit girl, who is going to be born in 4 months.

Three days ago I decided to take on a simple crochet project to help my brain and emotions focus on mindfullness and staying centered. Its working 🙂 I am working on a rainbow blanket of treble clusters (more commonly known as a granny stripe). The pattern is from Lucy of Attic 24 fame and can be viewed here. Here is my progress so far;

I love the simple colour scheme, it makes me so happy! The yarn is just cheap acrylic. My goal is to make one in cotton, but at the momet the money needs to be spent on other things, so acrylic it was! My hope is that it can be finished before baby rabbit girl arrives. I have to be careful working on such a large project as my RSI (repetitive strain injury) flairs up, so frequent breaks and exercises are a must.

Part of my breaks have included going for walks with husband and the Gladiator (my dog). There is something so soothing about walking in nature hearing the birds sing and breathing in the stillness. Yesterday our peace was interupted as I almost stepped on a brown snake O-o I don’t think i’ve ever moved so fast, thankfully the little guy was sluggish and did not appear aggressive, even better was that the Gladiator did not even see the snake! We quickly turned around and high tailed it back home, very thankful for the near miss.

After that close call I won’t be walking down the bush track anymore, even if it is winter. My first aid skills are very sketchy with snake bites and I don’t want to put myself, the rabbit girl or the gladiator at risk of a bite and loosing either one. Hubby and I would probably be fine as we could make it to the end of the track and call the paramedics to get anti-venom, but an unborn baby and and old dog. Not a chance.

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