Being pregnant has opened a chasm of emotions, like a volcano on the verge of erupting.  I’m not so much worried about parenting.  Just browse facebook or the internet in general and you will find parents who make you cringe.  More so how I emotionally handle this new being that will be entering our family life.  I find myself raging at the unfairness in the world.  I thought I was bad before, but now I am ten times worse.  I really don’t like it that my child will be born into a world where marriage is just for hetrosexuals.  NOT COOL!

With the rollercoaster of emotions, comes new bursts of creativity, I find myself wanting to compose songs, write poems, crochet baby outfits ,bake madly.  This is a gift that I am most greatful for.  I am hoping I can use this energy to place some kindness back into a world, which can at times be seen to spew constant hatred.

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